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Our years of experience help us in providing personal, competent and individual support to our partners, who we seek long-term relationships with. Our services include:

Protection of Trademarks and Company SymbolsTrademark Law

  1. Trademark registration (national and international), trademark search, trademark strategy development, trademark monitoring, trademark management, protection of trademarks and company symbols – Opposition against trademark applications – Judicial pursuit of trademark infringements and infringements of company symbols – Warning notices for trademark infringements, preliminary injunctions, caveat, delimitation and prior rights agreement – Protection of company symbols, logos and work titles – Collective trademarks and regulations governing use of the mark – Anti-counterfeiting measures to prevent parallel imports, gray imports and trademark infringements at fairs and exhibitions, border seizures – EU trademark, IR trademark registration – Cancellation of trademarks due to expiration or invalidity – Trademark license agreements – Trademark attorney

Protecting Creative Works – Copyright and Design Law

  1. Protecting intellectual property, combatting plagiarismExploitation of copyright protected works, copyright license agreements, rights of use, design license agreements – Moral rights, defacement – Protection of broadcasting companies, film manufacturers and recording companies – Digital Rights Enforcement – Pursuit of copyright infringements through warning notices and preliminary injunctions – Unauthorized use of photos, personal rights infringements, rights to one’s own photos – Protection of designs – Copyright law attorney, design law attorney

Optimizing Sales, Distribution and Commercial Activities – Distribution Law

  1. Designing distribution methods – Direct sales, selective sales, franchise systems, distance marketing, e-commerce, authorized dealer network – Distribution agreements and license agreements – GS mark, product safety, CE certification, EU declaration of conformity, REACH, RoHS, labelling of electronic equipment and consumer products – Marketing of electrical and electronic equipment, national register for waste electric equipment (“Stiftung ear”), WEEE number – Textile labelling – Price indication (PAngV), basic price, final price, total price, fixed book prices – Non-competition agreement, non-solicitation agreement and non-competition agreement – Intrusive advertising, predatory pricing – Protection of distribution systems – Debt collection and receivables management – Attorney at distribution law

Communication and Marketing Designs – Advertising & Competition Law

  1. Protection against unfair competition, development and review of advertising campaigns, review of slogans and claims – Consultancy services for marketing agencies – Warnings and judicial pursuit of violations of competition und business malpractices – Advertising of medicines, advertising of medicinal products – Warning notices and preliminary injunctions in competition law – Health-related data, food labelling, nutrition labels, regulations on health claims – Price advertising – Misleading advertising, denouncement, depreciation and disparagement, deliberate obstruction, market rules of conduct, comparative advertising – Attorney at competition law

Our professional activities exclusively focus on our clients’ success. We do not offer general solutions for everybody but rather tailored solutions for each of our clients’ specific needs. We will not settle for 80 or 90 per cent but will keep digging until we have discovered and exploited the last argument to win our case.

We work at rates which perfectly reflect the quality of our specific efforts. Our lean organization allows us to work most efficiently in our respective areas of specialization which, in turn, creates monetary benefits which we are happy to pass on to our partners.

We enjoy providing assistance to legal departments and in-house counsels who value our expertise in industrial property rights, and our experience also includes consultancy services to small businesses, sole proprietors and freelancers without their own legal departments. We are proud of our references.

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Attorney at law Andreas Erlenhardt LL.M.
Bar-certified specialist attorney for intellectual property

We do business all over Germany. Our office is located within the district of the Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht) of Düsseldorf, to which the following communities belong: Hilden, Langenfeld, Meerbusch, Neuss, Krefeld, Kaarst, Ratingen, Mönchengladbach, Viersen, Kempen, Wuppertal, Erkrath, Haan, Remscheid, Mettmann, Solingen, Velbert, Oberhausen, Duisburg, Mülheim, Dinslaken und Kleve. Our clients also come from Berlin, Dortmund, Bremen, Köln, Dresden, Bochum, Bonn, Gelsenkirchen, Chemnitz, Kiel, Augsburg, Koblenz, Lübeck, Leverkusen, Oldenburg, Stuttgart, Osnabrück, Paderborn, Würzburg, Ulm, Offenbach, Bottrop, Hannover, Münster, Recklinghausen, Trier, Erlangen, Jena, Reutlingen, Nürnberg, Pforzheim, Göttingen, Heilbronn, Regensburg, Ingolstadt, Darmstadt, Heidelberg, Potsdam, Leipzig, Hamm, Kassel, Saarbrücken, Mainz, Freiburg, Aachen, Braunschweig, Wiesbaden, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Bielefeld, Essen, Frankfurt und München.



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